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Shing Tat Chung
Lives and Works in London

T +44 77 8988 6625

Designer, Artist, Fund Manager

Recently Graduated from Design Interactions, Royal College of Art London and from Fine art from Slade School of Fine Art and Frankfurt Staedelschule.

CV: Full Curriculum Vitae


  • Superstitious Thoughts
    How our world is shaped around our irrationalities.

    The Design Research platform centres around Superstitions and Irrationalities. How they emerge from our private spheres to infect larger and more complex systems. Some are more obvious such as lifts and hotels avoiding auspicious numbers whilst some are more eye opening ones such as 'feng shui holes' in buildings and the fact that having a number 13 household automatically devalues your house by £7,511.

  • Links and Publications
    The Research can be found on the Design Research Platform - Superstitious Thoughts.
    Whilst the texts, essays and case studies were transfered into the small publication - Irrational Essays


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Recent News


Never in a Million Years
Project Website

In collaboration with Joseph Popper

We were invited by Rolling Plinth to take over an empty shop space during the Folkestone Triennial Festival. Equipped with a green carpet, we curated our works under the theme Never in a Million Years. A small dot matrix printer was installed that printed out random stories when pressed. The short stories accompanied the range of artifacts that were positioned on a shelving display.

We are currently working on Never in a Million Years Part II, in which a larger and broader range of works will be curated together. If you think your work fits into this theme please submit your works to info@shingtatchung.com

Special Thanks to Mark McKeague

1 Never in a Million Years I, front view

2 Dot Matrix Printer for the Short Stories
3 Shop Front
4 Installation shot I
5 Installation shot II
6 Installation shot III



never in a
million years
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