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Recently Graduated from MA Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London and Slade School of Fine Art. Living and working in London. Currently researching, designing, making things and talking about technology and futures.

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Twitter: @shingtatchung
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B.Nottingham UK 1986 / Working in London

2010-12 MA Design Interactions/ Royal College of Art, London
2006-10 BA Fine Art / Slade School of Fine Art, London
2008-09 Fine Art / Frankfurt HbFK Staedelschule, Germany
2005-06 Foundation / Loughborough School of Art & Design


BBC News / 'Future' article
Special Mention, VIDA 14.0 International Awards
Radio Interviews, CBC Canada, BBC WorldServices, Irish Times, KPCC California
XinHua China Newspaper, Bloomberg Poland, German Financial Times, Canadian Business Magazine, Die Welt Newspaper printed articles
Online coverage from BoingBoing, Wall Street Journal, Protein, Creative Applications, Dezeen, DesignBoom, We Make Money not Art
CNBC TV Interview, Worldwide Exchange
Best Conceptual Design, Microsoft Design Expo
Design Expo, Exhibition and Talk, Redmond, America
V2 Test Lab, Exhibition and Talk, Rotterdam
Resonance Fm, Interview with Regine Debatty
Shortlisted for Deustche Bank Design Award
L'ECRAN, Liberation, French Newspaper
Final Show, Royal College of Art, London
The Independent Newspaper, WIRED UK Magazine Article
Nominated for PrixArs Electronica Award
Paradise, Milan Salone Exhibition
Talk at Digital Money Forum, London
Microsoft Research Award Funding
Proposal for a Video Game 1 acquired by Tate South London Library


What if..., Beijing Design Triennial, National Museum of China Exhibition
Never in a Million Years, Folkestone Triennial Exhibition
WIP Show, Royal College of Art

Uncanny Markets

Uncanny Markets is a series of objects and proposals that is built around an alternative logic or set of rules. This series focuses on superstition and the irrational.

Market 1
The Stock Market / Trading Floor

What happens when you use Superstition as the Predominant logic in constructing a trading floor. The guide provides a step to step proposal to create an uncanny trading floor. You get Waterfall Printers, Feng Shui suitcases, and tortoises making trading decisions.

Market 2
The Other Property Market / How to Value a Ghost

The Emf Reader allows house valuations based on Ghost Readings. The publication looks at research established around real life cases in which Supernatural events have altered house values. Whilst in America, 50% of States have Laws that require a Ghost sighting to be reported on the event that the house is put up for Sale. These cases have allowed actual Values to be placed upon residential Ghosts.